Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The class meet up in bus 13 and we travel to East Coast Park for our class outing today.The class rent bicycles and took a ride all the way to Changi village where we can have our lunch there,it's wasn't that torturing cause there were down slopes even though it was a very huge distance.
However on the way back.I have so much difficulties thanks to Benjamin,he collide into my back wheel and it was slightly bent,eventually I was left along with 3 other classmate while the others are no where to be seen in front.Also there were up slopes!
Worst was the 4 of us did stupid thing like stopping in middle of no where and try stopping a lorry at the main road to pick us up.Haha!!Trying to cheat to over take the rest or can say we lazy.Typical Singaporean I must say,none of them stop.
Everything wasn't that bad,get to see airplanes landing and taking off while we on the track and get to see the sunset.But I was damn unlucky,I view the sunset while riding and than I look away,I see spots here and there,than~a girl collide her bicycle onto me.I apologize though cause small girl.
Got home with sunburn on my hands.Backside damn pain. =.=''

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

I still worried even though O level is over~just cause I flunk most of my papers especially the important ones.Pray that I could at least get good points and at least get into a polytechnic with better course.
Alright.I'm back into soccer~
Even though yesterday soccer was very fun,I suffered severe injures~from diving as a goalkeeper to falling as a player.I had my shoulder hit on the metal bar when falling as I trip myself from the ball,and it only hurt when I woke up this morning.
Most of my classmates are working and I'm not~just cause even I work,I can't withdraw the money~
Nothing much to post about. =.=''

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Graduation Assembly today was awesome!!!
Today was the last day of school and school starts at 9am for graduating classes.I felt the stupidity cause I came to school at 7.20am,the usual reporting time for normal school day.
Cause!!!I didn't know,but felt relieve cause I wasn't the only one as Jiahan and ChungKeong were in class.
Apparently today school was about taking photos.Awww,I'm going to miss every single one of my classmates,will also miss disturbing classmate parents names,disturbing Dora about Timothy and Jiahan,disturbing Jiahan sleeping,match make for Benjamin,studying all together as a class and lastly bullying Liting(which the class threw paper balls at her today) -.-" During graduation assembly at the hall,speech were said by their representative in their level,Kavin was the representative in the normal acadamic level and can tell he felt nervous.One by one name was called up on stage to receive our graduating certificate.Ohh!Sasikumar was the guest of honour,formal national soccer player and he was a ex-whitleyan.He was so tall and he look like Kavin,only don't have the nest hair :D
Mdm Azizah gave us a gift,a cup with our class photos on it,same as the last year graduands.After that we went around snapping photos again.Since it's the last day of school,we grab the fire extinguisher and start spraying around the classroom.
-Miss all of you guys,you guys gave me so much of happy memories for the past 2 years,I love you all.Current song played:All Time Low - Poppin' Champagne

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Monday, September 28, 2009

I got my 2 bonus points to cut off from my O'level overall grade as score an a2 for my cca.Supposing to get a1 cause they didn't jot down the inter-house soccer for year 05,06,08 and 09,no worries cause there won't be a 2010.
Hack care to argue cause a1 and a2 still cut off 2 point.
I was daydreaming at my sit during recess time today,looking at the view outside the window and someone interrupted me.Guess what!!!Stephanie and Leon came back to school today for don't know what reason.Maybe is just Stephanie wanted to eat the Malay food in school.Lols!!!
Wednesday will be my last day of school,but cannot fly yet cause studies are stacking on my shoulder for the coming O'level.
-I said I only like you.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As expected I failed all my prelim examination.
Whats done is done.
All I can do now,is to work harder to score better grades for the final coming examination in my secondary school life.
"life is so boring"
"cheer up Leostavern" Lols!!!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guess this blog seems kinda dead for quite some time uh.Finally I'm decided to update it today but~I can't guarantee that it won't be dead again cause of the upcoming O'level.
Prelim examinations last and this week was kinda of a disaster for me.I basically didn't even bother to study or put any effort to try during the paper.
Maybe~my slacking thoughts came taking over my mind.
I wasn't able to complete my article for English paper1 and wasn't able to understand passages for English paper2.Chinese I don't really give a shit,so~I just base it on my luck.Social studies!!!I spend the night studying 3 topics!!!However~the topic I studied,was not set for the structure essay~guess luck wasn't on my side that day.I flunk my Math,geography and chemistry too.
Two more paper to go~
I ain't going to study for that 2 paper cause I already flunk my prelim.
I'm going to start(chiong) my studies on this coming Saturday.Following the SP magazine last-min study timetable. =.='' I did some changes cause sometime I do have soccer with the clique on Saturday.
Wondering what I've been doing???
Been working out at the gym twice a week,but muscles ain't growing.Lols!!!

I hate losing,things are going to change now.I'm all by myself~
Studying with me is weird.What about basket-balling??was it weird too?I felt I'm being use around too much.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm having high fever. Temperature today was 38.9
Ngee Ann Polytechnic called today for the Direct Polytechnic admission.
Been short listed for my first choice Film,Sound and Video course.
Interview on Monday 3rd August.But than need to bring my IC and portfolio.
What is Portfolio???
How to do it in just 4days time??

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Went to the National library(AngMoKio) at 10am to study with Junji,Terence and Royce.Meet some of the 5n1 clique at 2.30pm for Left4Dead and Counter strike.
And~I'm broke now.Lols!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stayed back after school today till 5pm-plus and than head over to AngMoKio hub to meet half the 5n1 clique to watch Harry Potter and the half blood prince.Sorry guys~for being late,again.The movie was kinda~boring.No much action,no wonder was rated 3 and a half star.Even terminator was better.
Right after the movie went over to the food court for dinner,chat a little and than home.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last Saturday woke up early for the soccer tournament at Braddell heights.
Match 1
Lose 0-1
Match 2
Win 3-0
Match 3
Win 3-1
Match 4
Lose 1-4
However the results wasn't bad.We still ended up 3rd in the group and unable the qualify into the semi-final.Being knock out of the tournament,the team went to Junction8 for lunch and than home.

Right~Now to Chinese oral today.Felt very very nervous being the first one up,as cause I will be the first one to set the standards and giving the first impression.When I report to the self-reading for 5min,I felt the passage was kinda~easy??or maybe~average.But than when the time was up~walking towards the teacher,I started to shiver in nervousness.The reading aloud was alright at the end~maybe can score 7/10??8/10??Can't judge myself Yo!!Up next was the one I feared the most,Conversation.Question was something something~something to do with sports.Stating my opinion halfway and I came across the situation where I can't thought of anymore.
After oral was over,I felt that I had said very very less.How??Cannot be undone.

Another tournament at Nayang Poly this coming Saturday.
1st prize was 10k~If win split the cash means I would be getting 2k.Can help me with my financial issues.
But than???I doubt we would win. =.=''

-I would prefer not to be in that list.Even if so~I would be rank at the back.
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